Job description

  1. Managing and increasing value of funds and strategic investments;
  2. Carry out investment tasks from investment review, reporting, investment implementation to post-investment monitoring;
  3. Carrying out industry investment reports;
  4. Managing risks of strategic investments;
  5. Participate in developing forms and internal regulations of the strategic capital investment department to improve operational efficiency and control risks, and strictly comply;
  6. Train department staff to uniformly implement the Company’s OGSM and the Strategic Capital Investment Department;
  7. Maintain and develop good relationships with capital receiving and entrusting customers, enhancing the value and reputation of the Company.

Work responsibility


  • Manage strategic investments to successfully implement investment goals determined before disbursement and additional and adjusted goals (if any);
  • Search and implement opportunities to increase investment value, including but not limited to optimizing investment decisions, management decisions in the receiving company, combining investments with added values in the ecosystem of receiving companies;
  • Implement industry reports and recommendations to adjust investment/divestment decisions (if any), in accordance with actual market and industry developments;
  • Implement investment companies from review, deal structure, investment implementation to post-investment management;
  • Proactively convene meetings and propose urgent solutions to respond to unusual investment fluctuations;
  • Responsible for investment performance.
  • Prepare reports and carry out periodic investment reports of all managed portfolios according to the Company’s regulations and relevant legal regulations;

Risk management

  • Develop solutions to mitigate predictable risks and respond to system fluctuations;
  • Draft and develop processes and regulations on strategic capital investment activities to control and thoroughly comply with investment discipline and legal regulations;
  • Perform other tasks as requested by the CEO, Executive Director, and Executive Board of the Funds.


  • Guide, train, and assign work to employees in accordance with best practice standards, Company regulations, and relevant provisions of law;
  • Self-study and self-improve Company management and administration skills within the scope of one’s authority and responsibility;
  • Maintain and develop good relationships with customers receiving and entrusting capital, enhancing the value and reputation of the Company.

Job requirements

  • Minimum 5 years of investment management and portfolio management experience;
  • Have a deep understanding of the capital market and business models in Vietnam;
  • Have excellent analysis, evaluation and investment skills;
  • Have a professional, proactive, decisive and patient style at work and the ability to work independently and under high pressure;
  • Have a full fund management license from the State Securities Commission (required)

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