Red Capital invested in Gelex Group Joint Stock Company (“Gelex”) in 2017

Red Capital invested in Gelex Group Joint Stock Company (“Gelex”) in 2017.

Red Capital invested in Gelex Corporation Joint Stock Company (“Gelex”) in 2017. As a leading electrical equipment manufacturer, Gelex possesses strong brands with dominant market shares such as Cadivi (electrical cables), Thibidi (medium and low voltage transformers), Emic (electric meters), HEM (electric motors), and more.

Gelex is a successful investment for Red Capital, combining the following factors:

  • A manufacturing enterprise with competitive advantages (scale advantages with Cadivi, technical capabilities with Thibidi, HEM, Emic) at reasonable prices, as the investment market is increasingly interested in financial and real estate sectors.
  •  Gelex still has ample room for optimizing resources (opportunities to divest average subsidiary units, focusing on optimizing and expanding markets in the Central and Northern regions for strong brands like Cadivi, Emic, etc.).
  • The growth potential of the electricity sector, particularly in electrical equipment, remains high due to Vietnam’s ongoing investment in power infrastructure to meet industrialization needs.
  • Strong financials and sustainable cash flow from manufacturing and business activities allow Gelex to expand investments in valuable assets, such as acquiring a controlling stake in Viglacera.

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