Commitment to Sustainable Development

We understand our role and responsibility to the community and commit to always working hard to build a prosperous and sustainable investment community.

Opening Statement

As a fund management company, Red Capital creates a diversified investment portfolio, balances financial efficiency, and maintains sustainability in the Vietnamese market. Red Capital’s business operations aim to effectively manage investors’ investment risks while generating investment opportunities across various sectors to promote economic growth and sustainable social development in Vietnam.

In order for the company’s business operations to achieve sustainable development, Red Capital manages risks and analyzes investment opportunities impacting the community, society, and financial market.

The Sustainable Development Policy (“SDP“) of Red Capital is built on the awareness of the impacts concerning Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), as well as business opportunities and expanding the investor base of Red Capital.


Strictly abide by the Law

  • Strictly comply with the provisions of the Enterprise Law, the Securities Law, and the regulations of the State Securities Commission in business operations.
  • Actively contributing opinions to assist state management agencies in constructing and refining the legal framework for investment and securities sectors, aligning with the market’s business reality and progressive business practices worldwide

Red Capital for Stakeholders

Engaging stakeholders is a crucial foundation for implementing the SDP strategy and ensuring the long-term stability and growth of Red Capital. Red Capital values transparency and accountability in engaging with stakeholders to foster cooperative and trustworthy relationships.


Stakeholders in Red Capital’s operations include individuals, groups of individuals, and organizations or groups of organizations that may be affected by the company’s activities, have an interest in the company’s operations, and/or may be impacted in some way. Stakeholders may include investors, employees, customers, partners, suppliers, non-governmental organizations, government entities, communities, and the media.

Establishing and rigorously adhering to investment standards:

  • Professional code of ethics;
  • Risk management regulation;
  • Embracing and applying progressive ideas from the elite echelons of the profession

Dedicated to building a thriving investor community

We assist businesses in fundraising and allocating resources to core business activities, generating numerous benefits and value-added contributions to the country’s development, humanity, and the future environment, alongside seeking sustainable profits for our investors.